900+ jobs saved

RedTire matched the seller and buyer that saved over 900 jobs. Keeping businesses from shuttering sustains the economic well-being of communities.

98 businesses assisted to date

RedTire has successfully matched and helped the retiring owner transition their business to a new owner/buyer, helping to sustain the essential services these businesses provide to their communities in their respective towns in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Arizona and New Mexico.

Sales over $116M

The successful transactions have allowed more than $116M in value added revenue to flow through to their respective communities.

Value of more than $62M

The State and Federal government and the IRS have benefited from Taxes paid on the $62M in proceeds the seller obtained from the sale (This does not include any value of real-estate which could amount to more than $50M)

425+ businesses and 200+ valuations performed

Since inception, over 450 companies have sought the help of RedTire; 200+, that 'fit' the criteria of the program, had extensive valuation assessment performed.

500+ candidates interested and 300 enrolled

Throughout the years, 500+ candidate buyers have expressed interest in the program and more than 300 have registered and enrolled in the program and continue to be maintained on a database for potential matching services in the future.